Carnegie Mellon University

Partner with CMU Privacy Engineering 

At Carnegie Mellon we’ve spent decades at the forefront of privacy research and our Privacy Engineering masters program is the first and only program dedicated to training software engineers to develop privacy-respecting roducts and services. Classroom instruction, student research projects, internships, and capstone projects done in partnership with industry give our students the skill set needed to identify and resolve privacy challenges in modern software systems.

Understanding and responding to the needs of industry is at the core of our curriculum and there are multiple ways to partner with us:

Capstone Projects

At the conclusion of the program our students work in the role of consultant, solving real privacy issues faced by businesses and non-profit organizations. We have a track record of working with major companies to deliver valuable and timely results. Likewise, each project is directly supervised by a Carnegie Mellon faculty member, many of whom have decades of experience in privacy engineering and are routinely tapped by businesses and regulators for their expertise

Privacy Seminars

Each week our students attend a talk given by a researcher, regulator, or practitioner in the field of privacy engineering. In addition to giving a talk, our speakers have opportunities to meet one-on-one with students and faculty members.


The majority of our students elect to take a summer internship in privacy engineering, giving them hands-on experience working as privacy engineers. Many students go on to accept positions with their internship sponsors after graduation.


Simply put, Carnegie Mellon is the only university in the world producing expertly trained privacy engineers. With high demand for these skills being met by a staggeringly short supply we are the best place to recruit the engineers needed to address the myriad of challenges being faced by industry today.