Carnegie Mellon University


"I joined the February 2024 cohort of the Privacy Engineering program at CMU to gain knowledge of how to integrate privacy with security practices. I came away from the program with a significantly better understanding of the challenges of identifying and protecting individuals' privacy, privacy rights, and information, and how to enable and support privacy and security together."  - Matthew Coles, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Product and Application Security, Dell Technologies

"I had high expectations entering this program and actually learned even more than I expected coming in. I loved how the program weaves together law, tech, and human behavior in the way it covers privacy engineering. I look forward to applying the concepts I learned in my work as a software engineer."  - Software Engineer, Comcast.

"..great overview of privacy essentials, great program teaching students to critically think through various scenarios" - Troy Johnson, MITRE.

"Highly informative. Great combination of legal and technical issues," - Tommaso Paci, Trust Engineer, ResMed

"This program is great! It really helped me understand what is needed to be an effective privacy engineer. Professors have amazing backgrounds in privacy, have deep knowledge and understanding of the subject matter and really engage with students," - Jeff Rummelsburg, Privacy Engineer.

"I cannot recommend CMU's program highly enough. World class faculty, engrossing topics, and an opportunity to connect with other professionals working in the privacy space. You will walk away with actionable knowledge and deep new insights . Best bang for your buck spread across four very quick weekends." - Gregory Shields, Privacy@Deloitte.

"A fantastic program that builds up from notions of privacy, through current global regulations and up to advanced technology such as differential privacy and AI fairness." - Dr. Philip Ward, Associate Director, Privacy Technology & AI Ethics, National Australia Bank.

"Excellent program with highly knowledgeable faculty. Covers all relevant aspects of privacy engineering, including many examples and recent developments"- Director of Privacy, Software Company.

"This program gave me the tools to engineer privacy into our products and systems from the start. The program was engaging, accessible, and challenged me to expand my view and knowledge of how to build privacy into our company's initial offerings and beyond" - Jenn Sydeski, Founder & CEO, Connect Wolf.